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My Story

I founded +3.5.2 in 2022, with a fervent desire to create

elegant, authentic and warm homes that match the souls who live in them.

After a Master’s degree in sustainable architecture in Ghent, I worked as an architect in a specialized medical facilities office, an architect’s collective and in an office in Luxembourg.
I developed my passion for the design and creation of harmonious interior spaces in a family business in Luxemburg offering decoration, painting and interior architecture.

It is this technical, sustainable and creative expertise, that I place at your disposal. My work takes a

a collaborative approach and together, we work to make your dream a reality.

Your hopes and needs lie at the heart of everything I do creatively.

I take into account everything you tell me, and even cover of aspects you hadn’t considered.
I particularly enjoy those moments of trust when you let me in to uncover your habits, 
your vibe, your profession and all your hopes and dreams.

Knowing what you live for allows me to translate this into living spaces that carry

the hallmark of your personality

My transdisciplinary practice considers every aspect and each party involved in the project.
I am present at every stage of the work

during analysis, design, choice of materials, authorization requests, call for tenders and site supervision.
My perceptive and instinctive approach completely reimagines properties, and I pay particular attention to

light, the fluidity of spaces, how you live your life and sustainable materials.

To date, I have personally worked on more than twenty projects. I collaborate with competent contractors and service providers, and this means we can redesign properties while respecting their original style.


I work across Luxembourg and Belgium and speak fluent English, French, Arabic and Dutch.


Would you like to experience +3.5.2 ?  Contact me now

Dalia Brandone

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