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I specialise in building design, renovation and property extension. I’m by your side from the beginning and work with you through all phases of building work and tenders, right through to completion of the project.


Interior Architecture

I reimagine the interior design of rooms or entire buildings. I optimize the space available and ensure it meets your requirements for comfort and well-being.



Reinventing the soul of your living area to create a unique environment that suits

you to a tee.


Specialising in renovation and extension, I help you redefine your property so that it is adapted to your needs and requirements. 

I work with all types of building configurations, from houses and flats, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants to cafés, shops, offices and medical practices. My approach considers the existing qualities of a property, its location and also its potential.

I work holistically and my work concerns the technical and thermal aspects of a build as well as the interior design and décor.

My services are flexible according to your needs and budgetary constraints. These services include:

1. An in-depth study of the property including:


    - property geometry

    - urban planning

    - technical and habitability qualities and shortcomings

    - possible pollution

    - a thermal analysis


2. Consideration of your needs & requirements

3. Concrete implementation proposals 

4. Authorisation requests

5. Preparation of tender documents

6. Research on potential building work providers

7. A follow-up on execution of the project

My mission is to be by your side every step of the way, to advise you and to be a proactive and helpful resource throughout the building process by placing my multidisciplinary expertise at your disposal.

Do you have a project in mind you'de like to bring to life ? 


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Interior design

My interior design services are aimed at both private and professional clients. My experience covers a wide range of apartments, houses, guest houses, cottages, hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices, medical practices, and shops. 

I work with you to create elegant and serene spaces that accommodate your desires and requirements.

My work begins with a thorough analysis of the existing property and continues with the presentation of at least two design proposals. These enable you to unlock the full potential of your property.

My proposals are accompanied by mood boards, suggestions for materials, color palettes, furniture, and references of existing projects. All this helps you easily visualise your project without immediately ‘freezing’ it in image form.


Once we’ve agreed on the design, I remain by your side to help your contractors bring the project to life. I’ll make sure those who work on your project are focused on the detail and I’ll ensure the project is coordinated smoothly.

Would you like to reimagine your interior design? Get in touch !

interior design


Interior design naturally complements my work as an architect and interior designer. It fits with my all-encompassing approach to projects and my quest for elegance and harmony.


My work marries up lighting, color palettes, textures and furniture to create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your needs. I aim to combine comfort, practicality and ambiance to create living spaces that reflect your personality.

I advise you on paint, floor coverings, lighting, furniture, kitchens, blinds, curtains and assist you by choosing talented craftsmen and quality suppliers.


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