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As a full-service architect, I am involved in all phases of the project - from design to completion, and project infancy to completion. I craft spaces that perfectly meet your needs. 

Here’s how I work : 

Our first meeting

Every collaboration begins with an initial discussion. During this meeting, we discuss you, your project and your property. We look at what you’re hoping for as an outcome, whether that’s philosophical (how do you want to live?) or practical (how many bedrooms and bathrooms, what budget, etc.). I set out to learn what’s important for you and will ensure that this stays central throughout the project.


After listening to your requirements and learning about your property, I will provide you with a quotation that takes into account everything you’ve told me.


It’s likely that your current property has both great qualities and shortcomings, but there’s also hidden potential in the form of constraints and opportunities.

During this phase of the project, I consider urban planning constraints and I analyse your property from every angle with the help of service providers to gain as much information as possible.



This is where I put my creativity and expertise at your service. I compose an idea map by means of schematic drawings which conceptually realise the results of my architectural research, the analysis of your property and the overall project.

During an in-depth consultation, I will present the technical, administrative and programmatic analysis of your property and I will show you its potential and any constraints. I will then propose a minimum of two project designs, accompanied by mood boards, allowing you to project real images on the drawings.

We will also discuss the project costs, grants, planning and anything else required to implement the proposals.



After I present my proposals, I will ask for your feedback on what I have presented. We discuss what you liked and disliked. This will allow me to adapt the proposal to your tastes and to send any revised plans and budgets.



Together, we refine the project and translate it into precise plans. We decide on materials, custom-made furniture, etc.

I will call on external service providers, such as energy specialists and building engineers for advice and quotations. This phase includes discussions with local councils and municipalities, where necessary.

At each stage, we review the budget.


Now that the project has been agreed, I prepare the final drawings and, if necessary, submit them to the municipality for approval.

I also send tender documentation to a selection of construction contractors and decorators.


Once construction starts, I take over the building administration and project management. This includes project monitoring and overseeing financing. I ensure that contractors carry out work as agreed and, where appropriate, as approved by the municipality. 

If any unexpected issues or hurdles arise, we tackle these together calmly and effectively, making sure that the original intention of the project is safeguarded.

Project completion aka Party!

We’ve finished the build and your stunning new space is complete. A project like yours is worth celebrating - it’s time to raise a toast! 

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