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farm renovation Luxembourg


300 m²

Architecture - Wallonia 2021

feasibility study for the transformation of a barn and a house


We studied the possibility of redeveloping this small farm and its adjoining barn into a kangaroo house as well as a psychology practice.The inter-generational and professional program required significant reflection to preserve the privacy of each of the inhabitants and where parents, children and grandparents can meet in a central place.We have chosen to reopen the old passageway of the barn and make it this place of connection by installing a pergola of vines, a kitchen or games room and an entrance hall common to the two dwellings.The psychology office, with a program more open to the public, finds its independence in the noble rooms of the farmhouse on the front facade.

Capture 6.JPG

Existing ground floor - program distribution


Future ground floor - variant 1

Capture 1.JPG

Future ground floor - variant 2

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