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Herchies étable               

75 m²
Interior design - Wallonia 2021
Renovation of a barn from 1890 transformed in 1992
Construction in progress in 2022

This barn was partially transformed in 1992 but the work was never finished and the attic was left unfinished.Our proposal aims to create an entrance hall and to give a clearly delimited space for the kitchen. This organization allows for more fluid circulation and provides the comfort of the airlock in the entrance hall.Upstairs, where the slope of the roof strongly limits the space under 2m, we proposed two solutions, one with a large bathroom and an office space, the other with two bedrooms and a reduced bathroom .The project also includes a reflection on heating and we proposed the installation of a pellet stove, more than enough to heat this small space where the installation of a boiler and a tank is complex.

capt 1.JPG

Existing ground floor - 1992 project

capt 2.JPG

Future ground floor

capt 4.JPG

Future 1st floor - variant 1

capt 3.JPG

Future 1st floor - variant 2

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